Team Meeting

Leading in Turbulent Times

The past two years have been anything but predictable for, well, anyone. But despite that, some teams and leaders have emerged stronger than ever—and in some teams I have seen morale is at an all-time […]


The Secrets of Workplace Creativity!

Being creative should not be something you express only during the weekends. In this modern world, creativity and innovation are necessary for any organization seeking to maintain a sustained competitive edge. In a recent Global Innovation […]


Mr. Jaycel and Mr. Heide

Yesterday I found myself reminiscing about live human interaction…fond memories of gathering with others… It was a large L&D conference. I was taking a break with a large cup of joe, and had just settled […]


Monday Work-Life Hack

Create a distraction-free environment. We know it’s tempting to pick up your phone and check your social media accounts, but it can be counterproductive. There are too many notifications coming through at every hour of […]