Amplifying Your L&D Superpowers: How a Career Coach Becomes Your Own Superhero Sidekick


Whether you’re Sharyl Sandburg, Beyonce or Taylor Swift, Michael Jordan, Salma Hayak, or even Ironman, every professional needs a guide, mentor, or sidekick that keeps them progressing forward, it’s their secret ingredient to progress. Think Oprah and Gayle,  

As Learning and Development professionals, you craft education that empowers others, helping them level up their expertise.  You’re their educational sidekick, so to speak.  But who’s got YOUR back?  A career coach is your strategic partner, enhancing your existing skills and strengths, while fostering an environment for your continued growth and advancement. 

What exactly does a career coach do?  

Yes, we all encounter moments when an extra boost from a sidekick would be fantastic.  But how exactly can you use a career coach as your superhero sidekick?  While you may sometimes lose sight of the bigger picture, they’re adept at helping guide you to see it more clearly.  A career coach can assist you to identify and refine your strategies, align your aspirations with actionable steps, and elevate your performance. They are more than just problem-solvers; they’re partners in shaping your success narrative. 

Ok – that’s a lot.  Now, how exactly can a career coach advance your L&D career?   

Here are 5 reasons for enlisting a career coach: 

  • Skill Assessment: We’re not always the best judges of our own capabilities. A career coach helps you to identify your strengths and talents, and to reveal hidden abilities (unlocking your undiscovered superpowers), and suggests opportunities to harness them. They evaluate your professional landscape, interests, and trajectory, empowering you to make informed decisions about your career. 
  • Goal Setting: Not unlike assessing our own skills, crafting career goals can also benefit from an objective outside perspective. A career coach can assist you to explore and define achievable objectives that are  aligned with your aspirations with a well-defined path forward. They can help you ensure that each step you take contributes to your overall journey. 
  • Motivation, Accountability, and Support: A career coach embodies each of these essential roles. When you face moments of self-doubt, a coach is more than a mere cheerleader, reconnecting you with your own internal strength and purpose, encouraging you to venture beyond your comfort zone and take decisive actions. As a steadfast accountability partner, they can assist you to stay the course and take the crucial steps you identified.  As a dependable source of support, a career coach offers a confidential space to address concerns, collaboratively brainstorm solutions, and refine your approaches. 
  • Personalized Development Plan:  Just like training programs, careers aren’t’ one size fits all.  Recognizing that the career development path must reflect the individual it represents, a career coach partners with you to create a bespoke path aligned with your passions and goals. A career coach works with you to co-design a personalized playbook to guide your journey that reflects your strengths while addressing growth areas. 
  • Navigating Job Search Challenges: They can assist in refining your list of target positions, enhancing your application approach, preparing for interviews and managing the follow-up process. They can also support you in navigating a job offer, including salary negotiations and benefit discussions. 

Do I have to be looking for a job to work with a career coach? 

Absolutely not!  Think of a career coach as much more than a tool for job seeking. They have a versatile set of superpowers that can enhance your professional toolkit.  In fact, partnering with a career coach affirms your commitment to your own professional growth and development.  

What times are best for you to work with a career coach? 

Here are 6 scenarios perfect for partnering with a career coach can be valuable.  There are more, of course, but let’s start with these.  

  1. Maximizing Current Job Potential: Whether you’re at the start of your journey or a seasoned professional, a career coach can help you explore strategies to enhance your performance, tackle challenges, and identify opportunities for growth within your existing position. 
  1. Pursuing a Promotion: If you have your sights set on a promotion, a career coach can be your strategic partner.  They’ll collaborate with you to craft a compelling case for your advancement, highlight your achievements, showcase your potential, and work with you to develop your confidence to make your pitch effectively. 
  1. Designing Your Future Vision: Unsure where you want your career to go? A career coach can help you clarify your long-term vision and set achievable goals. They’ll work with you to identify and align your aspirations with actionable steps, ensuring your journey remains purposeful. 
  1. Navigating Life’s Transformations: Life changes, be they personal or professional, can reshape your career trajectory. A career coach supports you in adapting your professional path with these transformative moments, ensuring your success and fulfillment remain intact. 
  1. Staying Relevant in our Evolving L&D Landscape: In a rapidly changing professional environment, staying current is essential. A career coach can help you to identify emerging trends, to determine additional skill development needed, and to navigate industry changes, ensuring you remain competitive. 
  1. Expanding Your Professional Network: We know that building a strong professional network is crucial and can enrich your professional journey and career opportunities. A career coach can work with you to create strategies to network effectively and navigate how to forge connections with peers, mentors, and potential collaborators.  

Whether you’ve got your sights set on something new or simply seeking to enhance your current strengths, you don’t have to do it solo. A career coach can be your trusted ally as you navigate challenges, seize opportunities, and discover your untapped potential.  

The question is, are you ready to amplify your superpowers?  If so, gear up, your superhero sidekick career coach awaits – ready to embark on a transformative journey that will leave a lasting impact on your professional life.

Article Written by: Andrea Reyna Koehler | LinkedIn

Image by Soraia Sofia Geraldes from Pixabay