Innovative COVID inspired websites are springing up and it is a good thing

Innovation always expands when there is a challenge such as this pandemic. In this time of uncertainty, innovative websites are springing up. Just in the last few weeks, these sites below were created in response to the COVID-19 outbreak. They differ in how and what they are responding to, but the power of innovation behind them is powerful. Take a look below.

In this recent COVID-19 outbreak, your house has become your only shield from this virus. But staying home is not as simple as it seems. You must work from home amidst all the chatter of family; maybe you are bored to death; you want recent updates regarding the situations. The launch of these apps has opened a new way of learning and thinking positively during the hard times.

You will appreciate the innovation and a new way of thinking behind these apps and websites. Check them out-

Hide My MessThese days, video calls with distant family members have become the only way to see them and make sure they are all right. While you are working at home, meetings have increased even more than before. But what to do when your place is a mess and your boss wants to have a video conference? Simple. Hide your mess with Hide My Mess. When tidying or de-cluttering is not an option, use the Zoom virtual backgrounds to hide your surroundings by choosing any background of your choice from their wide range like sports, art, animals, etc. There are a lot of categories for work-related calls that offer you even professional backgrounds for remote work from home. They also offer a chosen background every day. So, do not worry about your surroundings, hide your mess, and talk from a different house or office every day.

Mindful Affirmations (iOS App)Positivity is a tool that can shoo away every sort of negativity, no matter how big it is. And, presently there is nothing worse than this COVID-19 pandemic. Amidst the negative news of increasing cases of the virus around the globe. Positive Affirmations are powerful statements that are used to build a positive internal dialog and by consistently repeating these positive statements or declarations to yourself, you create positive unconscious thoughts. The launch of this app is changing the way people are dealing with the pandemic. Get your daily dose of positivity.

Talk to Betty BotTalking to a bot is not as interesting as it looks like between Ironman and Jarvis and it does not hold interest for many people. But what about a bot that can answer your questions about the virus and can help? Did it pique your attention? Well, all you need to do is just go to and talk to Betty Bot. This bot has information about the deadly virus. Whether you want info or answers to your questions, if you are anxious or think that you are infected or just want to have some ideas to spend your time in lockdown, this bot will help you in every case. Betty Bot is also a great way to avoid any rumors concerning COVID-19 risks, treatment, and prevention. This innovation is helpful if you are full of questions.

Corona LiveYou would have never imagined that you will have to stay at home due to a virus. But now that it has happened, you must have realized by now that staying home is not as simple as it seemed. You have cleaned your house, sorted your clothes, tried several recipes, and you are bored of doing all these things again and again. You must have a list of the movies you had always wanted to watch. But, wait, maybe there is something better. More and more people are taking to social platforms and live streaming all the parts of what makes society so wonderful. Pub quizzes, concerts, workouts, education, cooking. You name it, people are streaming it. They collate and share all of the incredible live events going on around the expansive web in one place.

Fake Patrol (Andriod App) You must have come across many posts on your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or even other social media accounts and even news articles that sometimes sound like fake ones. Well, during these tough times, there are several newspapers or websites that are spreading misleading information and planting the seed of doubt in people‚Äôs minds. Have you come across any of these posts, verify it on Fake Patrol. Just submit your post, check if it is fake, and let everyone know about it. You can also verify the unverified posts yourself. Go to the unverified post section, give your judgment if a post is fake or legit, discuss the post and let the checking team announce their verdict. Fake Patrol has a checking team that verifies the credibility of a post and look for the legitimate sources. If any post becomes the cause of disruption for you, family or friends, go to Fake Patrol.

The Coronavirus shopping list generatorThinking of running out and getting more toilet paper? Or maybe, you do not know what to get. It is all a bit overwhelming these days with what and how much you need. Use this generator to plan shopping during the COVID-19 quarantine. Select the length of stay, number of people, menu, and get the list of products to buy. Use the “Share with family” feature to generate a todo list and share it with your household or send it to your phone.

Final Word – One of the important things that have not been locked down due to COVID-19 is the Internet (thank God) and it is being very useful during lockdown when you are bound to stay home for a while. The launch of these cool apps is helping people a lot during these tough times. Be it passing time, attending meeting after meeting, looking for some positivity, providing you a new way of learning, or asking a bot for some information, you can do it all at your home with these apps. The virus is out there and there is only one place that can keep you safe- your home. Stay Home, Stay Safe.