Under the Hood of Chat GPT with Myra Roldan

Myra Roldan Podcast

One of our past speakers from Learnapalooza does a great job of breaking down ChatGPT and the impacts it might have. Very much worth the listen!

This is from the ATD Accidental Trainer Podcast series: Under the Hood – https://atdpodcast.libsyn.com/under-the-hood-of-chat-gpt-with-myra-roldan

Myra Roldan is a talented technologist, TEDx speaker, and go-to expert on new and emerging technologies. She joins the podcast to discuss new AI tools on the market and what to know about the generative AI chatbot everyone is talking about: Chat GPT. Myra defines AI and Chat GPT and provides various AI tools and use cases that can enhance your L&D workflow. Myra also predicts how new generative AI tools will shape the workforce and how anyone can start working strategically with AI today.