Shifting Perspective on Learning

Imagine you are a time traveler from the 1970s. You are a businessperson. You travel to 2020. You walk into corporate training. You see people talking to each other, drawing on whiteboards with each other’s in cartoon characters, you see them put things over their eyes (VR goggles) and start talking about what they see is happening as if it is happening to them in real life.

Wow, what a change this would be for someone from 50 years ago. Now imagine if you picked one thing to learn each week. One week you are learning about diversity and inclusion, the next week about how to code a simple chatbot, then next how to work on your car, then maybe how to bake that turducken you always see on the web. You now have a different perspective on things. You are growing a habit of learning. You now have new skills.

You get excited to reach the next pinnacle of learning. Maybe next you will learn a language, you might learn how to be better at data visualization, you might want to experience meditation. Your the choice is now yours and you have this blocked out on the calendar, you have it set aside as “your time”. You have your own goals, your own ways to learn, whether it be podcasts, videos, or reading.

You have shifted. You have a new perspective.