All successful managers know that they are only as good as their teams.

Photo by Min An
Photo by Min An

Management is a lot more than just being a boss. It’s about leading and inspiring people to collaborate toward common goals.

It takes real skill to be an effective manager, so don’t expect that “natural talent” alone will make you great at it. While some people are naturally inclined to lead others and inspire them with their words, it takes years of experience to build up this skill set. However, there are several things that all successful managers have in common: they’re more than bosses; they’re leaders who know how to work together with members of their team to get things done—whatever “it” may be.

A leader has a vision, knows where she wants to go and who she wants with her when she gets there—and communicates that vision clearly. A leader also knows how to motivate people and keep them inspired at all times, which is why many of our leaders are also writers: they understand how to inspire people through words rather than actions only.

Being a successful leader means leading by example! If your employees see that you’re doing everything possible for them—from making sure they get the credit on projects or letting them take vacations whenever they need one—they’ll be more likely to come back from lunch happy every day because they know their boss cares about them as individuals instead of just treating everyone like machines who turn out code without stopping until closing time.

At the end of the day, it’s not just about being a skilled manager—it’s also about being a good person. The most effective managers (leaders) care about their employees and want them to succeed. Managers who are in it for themselves might find some success in the short term but will likely fail over time. This is because they don’t build relationships with their teams or invest in their growth as professionals.