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5 ways to boost your likeability

Whether or not it’s conscious, the truth is that people want to be liked. And if you’re not likeable, it’s going to affect your relationships—especially in the workplace.

Here are five ways to boost your likeability


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Technology and the Human Connection

The workplace is becoming more virtual, with many employees working from home. With technology at our fingertips, we can connect with colleagues and teams worldwide. However, human connection is what makes a relationship work. Teamwork, […]


My Leadership Toolbox

I have studied people, books, TED talks, etc. I realized many leaders repeat what others have done, which works for a while. There are interesting takes on how leaders lead in a new digitally connected world. […]


Telos Thinking

What is Telos thinking? At its core, telos thinking is based on the idea that everything has a purpose and you have a purpose. It’s an outlook that is positive and optimistic, believing that much […]

Team Meeting

Leading in Turbulent Times

The past two years have been anything but predictable for, well, anyone. But despite that, some teams and leaders have emerged stronger than ever—and in some teams I have seen morale is at an all-time […]