Telos Thinking

What is Telos thinking?

At its core, telos thinking is based on the idea that everything has a purpose and you have a purpose. It’s an outlook that is positive and optimistic, believing that much of the world is not random or chaotic. It’s hopeful and frees up time spent worrying about insignificant problems to be redirected towards solving more important ones.

Why is Telos thinking important?

You need to be conscious of your thinking if you want to change it. For example, if you want to become a more effective leader, you will need to think differently in order to make the changes you desire. Telos thinking can help because it breaks down the things we do into their basic components. Once we know what our “ingredients” are, we can make better choices about how to prepare our “food”—and this applies whether we’re talking about building an organization or baking a cake!

For instance, if your goal is simply “to bake a cake,” what does that mean? You could pick up some ingredients at the store and go about mixing them together: flour for structure; eggs for moisture; sugar or honey for sweetness… What else might go into such an endeavor? Well, depending on your skill level and experience with baking goods before (or making them from scratch), there might not be much else involved—but if not then perhaps there are other materials needed as well such as butter or milk if they aren’t already included above. And once all these ingredients have been combined in their proper amounts according