Bruce Cronquist, Senior Consultant – Dell EMC

You’re going to hate Learnapalooza. No, really. You are going to leave the event tired from all the activities, sore hands from taking notes, dry throat from networking, and a tired brain from all of the learning you will accomplish.  The first thing you will experience walking in the door is the energy. The creative energy of all of those L&D professionals in one place is amazing. The experiences shared and the connections made will be fantastic. Listening to the L&D challenges that others face and how they are approaching those challenges will let you know that you are not alone! I work with the tech sector. Some of the best conversations and Aha moments I had were with a librarian. OK, someone who does training for the King County Library System, but you catch my drift. The variety of experiences will open your mind. Just the varied formats used during the event will help you hack your own career. Add coloring books to your trainings? List words that are NOT related in order to break open people’s creativity? Throw ILTs out the window? OK, the last one shouldn’t be shocking to us. If it is, you REALLY need to attend Learnapalooza.