Thankfulness is a manager power skill

Thank You
Thank You

One of the most important traits and a skill that EVERY manager should possess is thankfulness. It gives you an opportunity to show your customers, employees, partners, and vendors that you appreciate them.

It’s something we should practice every day – with everyone we come across – because it makes people feel good about themselves and what they do for others.

It’s easy to confuse being thankful with being weak and submissive. Admitting that someone else did something better than we did, that they have more knowledge than us, or that they did something we can’t do takes courage. 

You don’t have to be a pushover to be thankful. Just because someone does something nice for you doesn’t mean they deserve anything back. Sometimes being grateful means saying no to things that aren’t in your best interest or saying yes to things that are important for your business growth. 

The power of thankfulness in management goes beyond motivating employees; it builds trust and loyalty. Supporting your team members through tough times (and let’s be honest, they will) will increase their chances of going the extra mile when they’re given opportunities or asked to take on new challenges. 

It’s easy to be thankful when things are going well. When you’re on top of the world and everything is going your way, it’s easy to be grateful for the things that have happened to you. But what about when things aren’t going so well? What about when you’re struggling with a problem or facing a demanding situation? 

The ability to be thankful in challenging times is one of the most important power skills for managers. It’s not a weakness or a sign that you don’t care about what’s happening. It’s a sign that you care deeply about yourself and your team, which is exactly what leaders need to do to inspire others. 

Being thankful doesn’t mean ignoring problems or pretending they don’t exist. It means appreciating what is working well instead of focusing on what isn’t working at all. It means focusing on solutions rather than problems and seeing opportunities rather than obstacles. 

When someone does something great for you or for the company, show that you appreciate it. You don’t have to go overboard; just say “thank you” when someone does something good for you or for the company. It’s amazing how much more people will want to help if they know that what they’re doing matters to other people! 

Here are a few ways to practice gratitude and thankfulness as a manager: 

  1. Thank people for their contributions 
  2. Give compliments freely and sincerely 
  3. Recognize the excellent work of others publicly 
  4. Help others succeed by giving constructive feedback in private 
  5. Celebrate successes with your team 

The next step is to show appreciation in a way that lets other people know what they’ve done is important—that’s where recognition comes in! Recognition is HUGE. And… that topic is for another article.